By Domenic Iacono / 23.10.19

MOVEMBER – Donate To Tyler’s Movember Page

You may have already spoken to or met Tyler Mulford our NSW Business Development Manager, when ordering or discussing your...

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DEKK Mega Prize Draw
By Domenic Iacono / 02.09.19

MEGA Prize Draw

The 2019 DEKK Mega Prize Draw has now launched! The DEKK promotion is open exclusively to customers that purchase any...

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multibar rubber tracks
By Domenic Iacono / 28.08.19

Multibar Rubber Tracks

We recently supplied a set of new DEKK Multibar Rubber Tracks for Mayday Services' TR270 CASE Compact Track Loader machine....

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DEKK rubber tracks and pads promotion
By Domenic Iacono / 05.08.19

New DEKK Promotion Coming Soon

A new promotion for DEKK Rubber Tracks & Pads is coming soon. DEKK Customers will have the chance to win...

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dekk instagram
By Domenic Iacono / 23.07.19

DEKK Instagram page!

We recently started the new  DEKK instagram page to highlight our latest products, promotions, news and awesome videos of our tracks...

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domed nut rubber pads
By Domenic Iacono / 02.07.19

Domed nuts now available on DEKK Bolt On Pads

DEKK Bolt-On rubber pads have always performed at optimum levels on excavators, skid steers and crawler carrier machines. The rubber...

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Rubber tracks and pads sale
By Domenic Iacono / 18.06.19

EOFY Sale on a select range of tracks & pads

  Enquire now about our EOFY Sale on a select range of DEKK Rubber Tracks & Pads. Sale ENDED 30th...

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Excavator Track Fitting
By Domenic Iacono / 27.05.19

How to fit mini excavator rubber tracks

Our latest "How To" video demonstrates how to fit your rubber tracks to a mini excavator to help minimise downtime...

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how to install rubber pads
By Domenic Iacono / 21.05.19

How to install Bolt On Rubber Pads

Bolt-on rubber pads are simple and easy to install, ensuring that your machine will be up and running with minimal...

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ASV Skid Steer Tracks
By Domenic Iacono / 18.04.19

ASV Rubber Tracks

DEKK’s range of rubber tracks are guaranteed to fit ASV tracked Loader and skid steer machines or your money back....

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DEKK - 3 Edison Cct Forrestdale WA
By Domenic Iacono / 08.04.19

The Perth Branch Has Relocated

The move is complete with all stock moved into the new and bigger warehouse,  the DEKK team has settled into...

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DEKK Sydney
By Domenic Iacono / 11.03.19

Our Minchinbury Branch has Relocated to Wetherill Park

  The DEKK Minchinbury Branch has recently relocated to a much a larger premises at 5 Arnott Place in Wetherill...

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Earthmoving Equipment Magazine
By Domenic Iacono / 13.02.19

Earthmoving Equipment Magazine Company Profile Article

Take the time to read the latest article in the Earthmoving Equipment Magazine profiling DEKK Rubber Tracks & Pads, who...

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DEKK Customer Support
By Domenic Iacono / 13.02.19

Welcome the Newest Member of the Sales Team

Welcome Adams Makope to the DEKK Rubber Tracks & Pads Sales Team. Here's a brief snap shot of who Adams...

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Construction Expo
By Domenic Iacono / 08.02.19

DEKK Exhibiting at the Diesel, Dirt & Turf Expo

DEKK will be exhibiting at this years Diesel, Dirt & Turf Expo between Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th May 2019...

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DEKK Rubber pads
By / 23.01.19

New Rubber Pad Brochures Available to Download

We have released our newly updated DEKK Rubber Pad Technical Specification brochures for all your technical info on our range...

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DEKK Rubber Pad Maintenance
By Domenic Iacono / 03.01.19

Rubber Pad Maintenance Guide

There are some easy steps you can take to help extend the life of your rubber pads and the maximise...

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Christmas Trading Hours
By Domenic Iacono / 13.12.18

Christmas Trading Hours

DEKK Rubber Tracks & Pads branches will be open normal business hours Monday to Friday during the Christmas break, except...

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December Rubber Pads Sale
By Cassie Plemic / 05.12.18

60% Off Rubber Pads Sale*

DEKK is running a 60% Off Sale on a select range of Excavator Clip-On Rubber Pads*. The Clip-on rubber pads are...

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Stenic Plant Hire Bike Winner
By Domenic Iacono / 05.12.18

Congratulations to the Winner of the Yamaha Bike Promotion

After nearly 8 months and over 1000 entries into the draw for the Win a Yamaha Motorcycle Promotion, the motorcycle...

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Yamaha Bike Promotion is Closed
By Domenic Iacono / 14.11.18

Win a Yamaha Motorcycle Promotion is now closed!

The Win a Yamaha Motorcycle Promotion has now closed. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our...

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Rubber Tracks Skid Steer
By Domenic Iacono / 23.10.18

What rubber track tread pattern do I need on my skid steer?

What rubber track tread pattern do I need on my skid steer? The Skid Steer Loader is a versatile machine...

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Rubber Tracks Tread Patterns
By Domenic Iacono / 16.10.18

How are Rubber Tracks Made?

How Are Rubber Tracks Made? At DEKK Rubber Tracks & Pads we go the extra mile to ensure we supply...

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dekk tracks and pads
By Domenic Iacono / 02.10.18

Spend $500 during October for a Free DEKK Pen

*** This promotion has now ended. *** We've got a great new promotion during the month of October, whereby if...

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Delivery Rubber Tracks
By Domenic Iacono / 01.10.18

Natural vs Synthetic Rubber in Rubber Tracks and Pads

What is Rubber and Latex? And how is it used in Rubber Tracks and Rubber Pads? This is about to get...

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rubber tracks tread
By Domenic Iacono / 05.09.18

Rubber Track Treads

DEKK Rubber Tracks & Pads supply a diverse range of rubber track treads and styles to ensure we can meet...

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Yamaha Motorcycle Promotion
By Domenic Iacono / 20.08.18

Win a Yamaha Motorcycle Promotion Has Ended

  The popular "Win a Yamaha Motorcycle" Promotion will be ending soon, so you'll need to be quick and purchase...

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Non-Marking Multi-Bar Track
By Domenic Iacono / 24.07.18

DEKK Non-Marking Rubber Tracks

DEKK Non-Marking Rubber Tracks have been designed to suit various models and makes of Cherry Pickers, Tracked Access and Aerial Platform machines....

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DEKK Authorised Dealer
By Domenic Iacono / 18.07.18

DEKK Authorised Dealers – Victoria Region

In an effort to continue to supply and provide our customers across Australia with quality rubber tracks and pads for...

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DEKK Rubber Pads
By Domenic Iacono / 03.07.18

DEKK Rubber Pads for Earthmoving and Construction Machines

DEKK’s range of Rubber Pads are available in 3 configurations i.e. Clip-On, Bolt-On and Chain-On and have been designed to...

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DEKK Customer Support
By Domenic Iacono / 28.06.18

Customer Support for DEKK Rubber Tracks & Pads

DEKK Rubber Tracks & Pads have an experienced and dedicated team of professionals, who can provide you with extensive technical...

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buy tracks and pads
By Domenic Iacono / 06.06.18

40% OFF EOFY Sale

Check out the DEKK Rubber Tracks & Pads 40% OFF EOFY Sale on a select range of rubber tracks, while...

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rubber pads - bolt on
By Domenic Iacono / 25.05.18

Bolt On Rubber Pads

DEKK Bolt-On Rubber Pads have been designed and manufactured to be easily fitted to existing steel tracks on excavators, profilers...

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Free beanie when you buy tracks and pads
By Domenic Iacono / 21.05.18

Free DEKK Beanie Offer

To keep you warm during the winter months, while your operating your excavator, skid steer or crawler machine, we're giving...

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dekk rubber tracks and pads
By Domenic Iacono / 05.05.18

New DEKK Company Profile Brochure now available

  DEKK has released its new Company Profile Brochure, which will give customers a great overview of who DEKK Rubber...

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By Domenic Iacono / 01.05.18

DEKK Crawler Rubber Tracks Demonstration

  Check out the latest video showcasing a set of DEKK Rubber Tracks fitted to a Crawler Carrier Machine. Some...

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Trelleborg tracks
By Domenic Iacono / 16.04.18

DEKK appointed TRELLEBORG TRACKS Distributor

DEKK Rubber Tracks & Pads are excited to announce being appointed as an Australian/New Zealand Distributor for Trelleborg S-1500 Rubber...

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excavator tracks
By Domenic Iacono / 10.04.18

Maintaining your Rubber Tracks

  To ensure your rubber tracks will continue to perform at their optimum levels for your excavator, skid steer or...

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Buy Rubber Tracks and Pads to go into the draw
By Domenic Iacono / 19.03.18

Win a Yamaha Motorcycle Promotion

  We're excited to launch the"Win a Yamaha Motorcycle" Promotion for 2018.   By buying any set of DEKK Rubber...

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How to install rubber tracks
By Domenic Iacono / 13.03.18

Rubber Track Installation Guide

  To replace your old rubber tracks and fit new ones to your machine, follow this easy step by step...

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Excavator Rubber tracks 24 month full replacement warranty
By Domenic Iacono / 05.02.18

24mth Full Replacement Warranty on all Excavator Rubber Tracks

Dekk Excavator Rubber Tracks have been designed and manufactured to handle the rigours of Australian earthmoving, construction and mining applications....

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Rubber Tracks for skid steer machines
By Domenic Iacono / 22.01.18

DEKK Skid Steer Rubber Tracks

    DEKK has a range of track treads available for our rubber tacks to suit all makes and models...

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Rubber Track maintenance guide
By Domenic Iacono / 10.01.18

Rubber Tracks Maintenance Guide for 2018

Start off 2018 by taking the time to check and maintain your rubber tracks, so that they’re ready to go...

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Clip On Rubber Pads Installation
By Domenic Iacono / 28.11.17

How to install your new Clip-On rubber pads

How to install your new Clip-On rubber pads Clip-On Rubber Pads can be used on grouser blades (also known as...

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Multibar Rubber Tracks Promotion Winner
By Domenic Iacono / 20.11.17

Winner of the AEG Power Tools Announced

Firstly thank you to all those customers who purchased a set of DEKK Rubber Tracks during the promotion period for...

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Rubber Tracks Australia
By Domenic Iacono / 10.11.17

Benefits of Rubber Tracks & Pads Versus Steel Tracked Machines

Ready to replace your existing rubber tracks or upgrade from steel tracks to rubber pads? For excavators, skid steers, crawlers...

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Employee of the Month - DEKK
By Domenic Iacono / 07.11.17

Employee of the Month – October

Huge congrats to Tyler Mulford our resident American Import from Chicago, who received the Employee of the month Award for...

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Chain On rubber pads installation
By Domenic Iacono / 06.11.17

How to install your new Chain-On rubber pads

Chain-On Rubber Pads can be fitted directly onto the steel track chain using track bolts rather than a grouser plate,...

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Buy Rubber Tracks
By Domenic Iacono / 17.10.17

Excavator and SkidSteer Rubber Tracks on Sale

  We currently have Rubber Tracks to suit the Kubota U55-3 Excavator and Terex PT50 & PT60 Skidsteer machines on...

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Bolt-on rubber pads installation
By Domenic Iacono / 10.10.17

How to Install Your New Bolt-On Rubber Pads

Bolt-On rubber pads are easy to install and can be performed in a simple 5 step process. Step 1. If...

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DEKK Multi-Bar Rubber Tracks
By Domenic Iacono / 20.09.17

Improved traction and smoother ride with DEKK’s Multi-Bar Rubber Tracks

DEKK has become a brand that is synonymous with quality designed and manufactured rubber tracks and pads, priding itself on...

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Rubber Tracks Australia
By Domenic Iacono / 13.09.17

4 Signs Your Rubber Tracks Need Replacing

Unfortunately, the first time most people consider replacing their rubber tracks is when they break and are no longer usable. It’s quite...

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35 Millenium Place Tingalpa
By Domenic Iacono / 21.08.17

The Dekk QLD Branch has relocated

The Dekk Queensland Branch has recently relocated to a new and larger premises at 35 Millenium Place, Tingalpa. The new...

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Clip on rubber pads
By Domenic Iacono / 15.08.17

How to get the most out of your Rubber Pads

Rubber pads are an essential feature of your earth moving machinery and maintaining them properly will ensure their longevity. Replacing...

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Rubber Tracks for earthmoving equipment
By Domenic Iacono / 27.07.17

How long do rubber tracks last?

The life of a rubber track is dependent on several important factors, which all go towards contributing to the length...

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Buy a set of Rubber Tracks to enter the draw
By Domenic Iacono / 25.07.17

Win a Bucket Full of Tools Promotion Starts August 1st

Remember to stay tuned and keep visiting our website and following us on our social media platforms over the coming...

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rubber tracks for earthmoving machines
By Domenic Iacono / 03.07.17

How to get the most out of your Rubber Tracks

Like most construction and earth-moving equipment, the more care you take of them the longer they will last and better...

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Dekk Rubber Tracks & Pads
By Domenic Iacono / 07.06.17

Rubber Track & Pad Search Feature

At DEKK we’re always trying to improve the customer experience, so we recently launched our unique “Track & Pad Search”...

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Rubber Tracks and Pads for Sale
By Domenic Iacono / 25.05.17

EOFY Sale on all DEKK Rubber Tracks & Pads

The EOFY Sale on all DEKK Rubber Tracks and Pads is on now. Take advantage of the $20,000 Small Business...

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Excavator Rubber Track Warranty
By Domenic Iacono / 27.04.17

Industry First 24 Month Warranty on Excavator Tracks!

DEKK Rubber Tracks have been leading the way in the industry for some time and are a trusted and reliable...

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DEKK Sydney NSW Branch
By Domenic Iacono / 12.04.17

The DEKK NSW Branch Relocates to Minchinbury

DEKK has recently relocated its New South Wales branch to much larger premises at 14/10 John Hines Avenue in Minchinbury....

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rubber pads
By Domenic Iacono / 07.03.17

What Information do I need when buying a rubber track?

Simple... Either your track size or your machine make and model Your track size or track number This is commonly...

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Rubber Tracks warehouse
By Domenic Iacono / 14.02.17

DEKK Rubber Tracks and Pads– Industry Leaders in Rubber Tracks

DEKK supplies rubber tracks for any earth-moving machine, anywhere in Australia. We source the best replacement tracks from our manufacturing...

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rubber tracks Sydney, rubber tracks Brisbane, rubber tracks Perth
By Domenic Iacono / 13.02.17

Different Types of Rubber Tracks

Types of Rubber Tracks Different types of earthmoving machinery require varying types of rubber tracks, but with the huge range...

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rubber pads
By Domenic Iacono / 08.02.17

Bolt On Rubber Pads for Skid Steer & Crawler Carrier Machines

DEKK Bolt On Rubber Pads for Skidsteers and Crawlers Having this issue with your current bolt-on rubber pads? It is...

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ASV Rubber Tracks
By Domenic Iacono / 10.12.16

Do I need to replace both rubber tracks together?

Should I replace both rubber tracks at the same time? Or is it ok to just replace one rubber tracks?...

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Excavator Rubber Tracks Australia
By Domenic Iacono / 09.12.16

What’s the difference between different tread patterns?

We manufacture and stock a variety of different tread patterned rubber tracks. We ensure that the optimised tread pattern is...

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Rubber Tracks and Pads Blog
By Domenic Iacono / 09.12.16

How do you measure a excavator or skidsteer rubber track?

Measure the width of the tracks. Measure the pitch of the tracks by measuring the space between the lugs on...

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Rubber Track Sydney
By Domenic Iacono / 09.12.16

How long will Rubber Tracks last?

We get asked this question every day, and we don’t have a straight answer. Sorry. The lifetime on a track...

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