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Airman AX22

Rubber Track

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24 Month Full Replacement

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DEKK rubber tracks for Airman AX22 are guaranteed to get the job done and last the distance.

Rubber tracks for excavators supplied by DEKK meet the demands of any operator and construction site.

  • Smoother operation and reduced vibration
  • Premium natural and synthetic rubber combinations for flexibility and wear resistance
  • Continuous steel belt to reduce the chance of breakage and declining tension
  • Precision shaped core bars aligned within rubber to guarantee correct fitment

You can be rest assured that your Airman AX22 rubber track is the best you can buy in Australia.

We are so sure that these tracks will be the best you have put on your excavator, we back them up with full replacement warranties, which means that we will replace any faulty excavator track within 24 months.

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24 Months Full Replacement Warranty On Excavator Rubber Tracks
We know that our tracks can last the distance, and that’s why we offer the longest warranty of Excavator Tracks in Australia. If your DEKK Excavator Rubber Track doesn’t last 2 years due to a fault (unlikely) and the fault is due to a manufacturing defect then we will happily replace that track. We won’t give you just some of your money back. We won’t mess you around. We’ll just supply you with another track.
Read more details about our 24 Month Warranty on Excavator Tracks here

5% off all Rubber Tracks and Pads if you find it sold for less
We pride ourselves on selling our rubber tracks and pads at a price that will knock out our competitors. But if you do happen to find the identical sized track or pad, then we beat that price by 5%.
Our team might ask to see the competing quote, so have it handy and you will need to place your order with us within 24 hours. But that is as tough as we make it, because we’re here to make life easier for you – not tough and expensive.
*Not valid after purchase has already been made. No refund on stock already sold to receive 5% guarantee.

Make sure you’re getting the right track for your machine
If you can’t find the track size stamped on the inside of your rubber track, then you can always measure it up yourself. Unfortunately this gets tougher as the track wears down, but our experts are always here to help.
You need to measure the width of the track, the space between the lugs, identify the pitch type and count the number of lugs.
This handy diagram should help:

Diagram explaining how you measure Rubber Tracks