FREE Rubber Track & Pad Recycling Program

For each rubber track and pad you purchase from DEKK Rubber Tracks & Pads we are offering to dispose of the old tracks & pads for FREE*. The used tracks and pads will be sent to an approved and authorised company for recycling, which will play a small part in helping to protect the environment for future generations and reducing your carbon footprint.

Our recycling service requires minimal effort on your part with just 3 quick and easy steps to complete the process and the added bonus is that it’s FREE. Just follow the steps below or for more information call us on 1300 335 528:


Recycling your used tracks and pads


RECEIVE your new DEKK rubber tracks & pads along with your Recycling Tags.Skid Steer Block Pattern DEKK Rubber Pads  + Track & Pad Recycling

Recycling used tracks and pads


RETURN your used tracks & pads to DEKK for Recycling. Attach the Recycling Tags to the used tracks & pads (1 tag per track. Only 1 pad is required to be tagged) and return to DEKK. Delivery costs & transport are the responsibility of the customer.

rubber tracks & pads recycling

Ensure the tags are securely attached. Use the bolts on the pads to secure the tags to the pads.

Recycling your used tracks and pads


RECYCLE your used tracks & pads. Once we have received your used tracks & pads they are sent for recycling at no cost to you. If the incorrect items are returned or if the Recycling Tags are not attached, a fee will be incurred by the customer.
Disposal of tracks & pads

The recycled rubber from the tracks and pads is converted into many new recycled  products which can be used in every day life such as commercial, gym, recreational and sporting surfaces and acoustic solutions.


Note: If you would like additional used tracks and pads recycled by DEKK, please contact us on 1300 335 528 or, prior to sending.

*It is the responsibility of the customer to organise and pay for the delivery of the used tracks/pads to DEKK. DEKK Rubber Tracks & Pads is only responsible for the cost of recycling the tracks & pads on behalf of the customer.

Disposal of tracks & pads              Recycling Rubber Tracks & Pads