Keep Your Kids on Track

Do you have young children at home and looking for something to do? Are you working from home or home schooling your children? You’ll be pleased to know that we have introduced our FREE DEKK Colouring Book, available for you to download and keep your kids on track and having fun with some exciting kids drawings to colour in.

Free drawings

Download Free Drawings

As a bonus, email your child’s finished drawings and they’ll have a chance to win our weekly kids pack. The best drawings will receive a kids colouring pack and you’ll receive our DEKK promo pack as well.

Win Kids Colouring Pack Bonus DEKK Pack for the parents

We’ll post the drawings to our social media platforms and announce a weekly winner.


The Promotion has now ended.

Week 1 Winner

Week 1 Colouring Book Winner

Week 2 Winner

DEKK Colouring Book


Week 3 Winner

Week 3 Colouring Book Competition Winner